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Jiangsu MingJing filter material manufacturing co., LTD

My company was founded in2018Years03Month28Day£¬Registered in yancheng pavilion lakes west pavilion road32Number1Building5No plants£¬Scope of business is nonwoven fabric products£¬Gas filtration¡¢Cleaning machinery and equipment£¬The cloth£¬Household textile goods£¬Industrial automatic control system for gear production¡¢Sales£»The design of environmental protection equipment¡¢Manufacturing¡¢Sales¡¢The installation¡¢Debugging£»Self-management and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business¡££¬Mainly engaged in high temperature dust filter bag,Dust removal equipment,Skeleton,Dust fittings, etc£¬The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan¡£Company is located in yancheng pavilion lakes west pavilion road32Number1Building5No plants£¬Other properties of dust removal equipment industry well-known¡£...

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