Shanghai jayvo human main business
Shanghai jayvo labor dispatch service company to provide you with a full range of professional human resources solutions and services,Make the enterprise of labor,The workers,Guide and promote industry common development
The personnelThe agent
Entrust jayvo is dealt with in the name of its legal employment、File management、Pay the full set of procedures of social welfare services,Including recruitment agents、The social security agency、Wage undertakes and welfare outsourcing services such as product

Labor servicesTo send

Shanghai labor dispatching company whole,For the enterprise to provide professional services such as dispatching and service delivery,Including transfer labor dispatching、Labor dispatching completely、Labor outsourcing、Hourly workers temporary workers and other flexible employment products
The businessOutsourcing
Your site I decide--Jayvo outsourcing,Jayvo personnel have many years production outsourcing、Warehousing outsourcing、Customer service outsourcing outsourcing experience
In valueService
Shanghai labor dispatching company by the United StatesPDPHuman resource management system consulting、Grass-roots staff recruitment solution、Labor personnel policy consulting、Outdoor expand training, etc
        Jayvo manpower(JOBRL) Founded in2011Years,After years of development,Jayvo human has developed into a collection of business recruitment agents、The social security agency、Labor dispatching、The labor contract、Production、Warehousing、Business outsourcing logistics and electricity、Talent exchange intermediary services、Vocational skills training and other business of professional human resources services group。

          At present,Jayvo human in Shanghai、Hangzhou、Suzhou、Tianjin、Guangzho、Foshan、Wuhan、In chengdu, and other large and medium-sized cities nationwide set up several independent legal company;With100More than well-known enterprises to establish a human resources cooperation relationship;Labor dispatching and flexible employment staff member100000More than one;Made outstanding contribution for enterprise recruitment and employment。
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